If you are a tech expert or digital marketer, then you need to understand the power of relational databases. If you don’t, your job could be in jeopardy, and your ability to boost your brand’s bottom line could be affected. Here is what you need to know about databases as they relate to this digital business world of today:

App Speed

Every app or website in existence today uses relational databases like MongoDB or mysql. These are powerful frameworks that organize data into components, so they are easier to review, manage, and serve up in real time.

For instance, when someone logs in on Facebook, a database is being called upon to serve up information such as age, name, groups, friends, and more. With relational databases, you don’t need a convoluted mess of code existing on one page. Each class of information has its own category, which means your computer takes less time to search through it. Of course, in today’s day and age the faster the user experience is, the happier they are to come back and keep using your app.

Data Replication

Whether you want to replicate data into Elasticsearch to boost search capabilities or for data analytics purposes you need to be able to duplicate your data well. This allows you to enjoy greater peace of mind and security.

If you were ever hacked, you would not only have one silo of information but multiple backups. This also means you can search better for an improved UI and more accurate analysis of data points like user conversions, time on site, and personal information for marketing.

Efficiency and Automation

Being efficient is no longer a luxury in today’s world. You need to have the right approach to improving how quickly you do tasks in an automated fashion. Otherwise, you are merely wasting labor and time which reduces your profitability. Whether you want to offer interactive experiences on your site, landing pages that produce popups for conversions, or simply add security layers to passwords and logins, databases can be utilized to hash these values, so they aren’t open to the public.

When it comes to technology, certain trends do not go away. Relational databases are one of these, and they are crucial to every business today. Whether you know it or not, your company relies on these under the hood. When you understand how they work, you can produce magical results that enable greater security, efficiency, and customer experiences. Ultimately, this helps you boost profits and success long term.


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