Video-based marketing comes in handy when you’re looking to promote your products and services on the market. Videos generally boost the ability of customers to remember products or brands. It’s important to understand the important aspects of using video marketing effectively.

When to use video marketing

Videos come in handy when your site experiences high levels of bounce rates attributable to insufficient information. Research has shown that the bounce rates for sites with videos are about 34 percent lower as compared to the sites without videos. Explainer videos serve to elaborate to customers on what the company is all about and how the site functions, therefore increasing the web traffic. Also, ending the videos with an appropriate call-to-action guides the customers on where and how to buy products, therefore boosting sales.

Also, video marketing is useful when you are seeking to update customers on developments that have been made on a product. Whether it is a new product or there have been changes to a existing product, a video does well as it creates a better platform for the product changes to be audio-visually explained. Videos also make answering customer questions much easier.

Constraints when using videos for mobile sites

The use of video-marketing on mobile-based sites can pose some significant challenges. The main value of a video is to have the images captured well and presented with clarity. Mobile phones pose constraints as far as the size of the screen is concerned. The small 4-inch-sized screen implies that the clarity of the images in the video might be greatly compromised. Also, navigating between videos and other content on a mobile platform is a tedious process since mobile browsers only support single windows. Adding new windows poses a memory and cache constraint on the phone leading to a slowdown of web-based services.

Videos increase webpage load time

Incorporating videos on a site has, under certain circumstances, a general tendency to slow down the time taken to load a webpage. Research has shown that streaming video is one of the most taxing activities in terms of bandwidth. Such bandwidth constraints imply that customers would occasionally experience downtimes when running the site. Whereas this problem can be circumvented by reducing the site’s plug-ins and web apps, such downtime can also put off customers.

The use of video-based marketing on your site can be a vital asset. You should, however, find a good balance between the benefits posed by the videos and the potential downsides of the videos outlined above. When the right balance is maintained, you can be sure that video marketing on your site will generate good internet and purchase traffics.


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