If you have a business in today’s world, then you know how important reviews are. In a world where companies could be operating from anywhere, customers want to feel like they have some connection or say to how things are run. And in order to be successful, you need to have the right approach to reviews especially if you have just outsourced customer service:

Own Up to It

PR crises can be incredibly difficult to accept at first. One moment you are humming along fine in your business, and the next moment you have to deal with public backlash online for the world to see. The key is to approach it the right way from the start. When someone comes out and express anger at your company, own up to it. Admit fault and find a way to transition into talking about ways you are fixing the issue. This relieves tension before it can mount to a more significant problem. Additionally, if you have a particular instance when the negative review highly impacted your business, you can always seek to use an online reputation management service, this is especially useful for those who are too busy to handle juggling regular work tasks and negative reviews all at once.

Treat Them as a Part of the Team

When a customer review happens, whether it is negative or positive, allow your outsourced customer service agents to feel like part of your internal team. Trust them to respond with tact and as professionals, as most call centers want to help you maintain positive relationships with your customers. If issues arise, work with them to solve it together. After all, they do this all day every day. They often have vital insights to improve the customer experience.


Most call centers want to help you maintain positive relationships with your customers. Make sure to express to your call center how you want to them to foster this. Some companies prefer to hand out prizes occasionally to great customers. Others like to send emails and follow up to get referrals or social shares. The more of a relationship you can build with each customer, the better.

The Long Term View

Don’t make the mistake of taking a short-term view with customers. They might anger you now if they aren’t making sense, but it pays off to address their problems genuinely and sincerely. Consider each customer as a potential brand ambassador. The happier you make them, the more they can spread the word to their friends and make your company shine.

Your customer review strategy is essential to getting ahead in your market. Positive reviews can create buzz and word of mouth. With social media today, this effect is amplified. So make sure that you are treating your outsourced customer service team the right way and allowing them to help you further your business goals both short term and long term.


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