Dell EMC World, currently known as Dell Technologies World as of January 2018, is built on a legacy of innovations. It is an umbrella covering different businesses to serve the desire of most companies to have a shop that serves their IT, workforce, digital and security transformation needs. The platform values their partners and offers them the chance to strengthen and develop strong ties with a global audience consisting of customers, partners, prospects, and Dell EMC evangelists. This article looks at a few notable companies from Dell EMC World.


SanDisk is a global manufacturer of flash memory products, solid state drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards and readers. In February 2015, the company was ranked the third-largest manufacturer in the industry worldwide. In 2016, the company was acquired by Western Digital, a hard drive manufacturer in a $19 billion deal. Over the years, SanDisk has acquired different smaller companies dealing with IT, including Matrix Semiconductor, M-Systems, FlashSoft, among others. Its success in the industry led it to win a “National Medal Technology and Innovation” award from former president Barack Obama in 2014. In 2012, it was ranked the third highest consumer electronic company among 24 others by the Enough Project.

Printer Logic

Many innovative businesses use Printer Logic’s driver management platform and patent-pending printer to deliver Virtual, Pull, and Mobile printing services while eradicating print servers and offering a self-service portal that empowers its users to install and use their own printers. Ideally, this platform reduces the complexity and costs in virtually any environment where printing takes place. The company’s performance in the market is quite exceptional that it got an “Outstanding Enterprise Print Environment Platform” award by Buyers Laboratory (BLI). After launching PrintCloud in 2017, the first of its own cloud solution that eradicates print servers, it got another BLI award for “Outstanding SMB Print Environment Management Solution”.


This global Japanese brand diversifies products including electronic materials and components, communications equipment and information technology systems, power systems, household appliances, among other things. The company’s extensive product range has made it win many awards over the years. Toshiba has been known to have a strong commitment to development and research, transferring this into all its products. The company’s technology continues to set new standards in the industry and has been acknowledged by winning many significant awards from Better Buys for Buyers Laboratory LCC, BERTL, Business and many more. Toshiba was also ranked the best eleven times in KLAS awards as the lead medical equipment category.


SAP is a multinational software company based in German. It enables enterprise software to manage customer relations and business operations. The company has partnered with several cross-industry multinational companies that have helped it to thrive in the industry. Some of these companies include Apple, Adobe, OpenText, Hewlett-Packard, among others. Countries like India have witnessed the growth and development of SAP. Currently, the nation is SAP’s third largest subsidiary when it comes to employees, and it has been the fastest growing market since 2007 with a significant growth rate. The company has been able to grow even in economically challenging environments. This could be attributed to the continuous evolution of its products, application of innovative new technologies and significantly reduced costs.


In today’s digital and relatively competitive world, companies that offer the most innovative services tend to be in a better position in the market. New disruptors often come up and can destroy a business entirely. The Dell EMC World strives to transform companies to make them adapt to the digital economy quickly. It does this by offering numerous actionable insights on how business owners can transform their IT and remain competitive. As seen in the article, the mentioned companies have strived to become among the best in their industries.


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