How To Add Facebook Reviews To Your WordPress Website

If you are new to web design or running a business in general you know how important it is to save money and time especially in the early stages of your business. You also know how important it is to get great reviews to your business and that you can get them in front of as many eyes as possible. That can lead to growth sale and more importantly it shows you can be trusted. No one wants to feel like they are going to be ripped off and reviews are a great way to show people that not only you know what you are doing but you can be trusted doing it. Now if you have the funds to invest in all the latest WordPress plugins and don’t mind paying someone to set it up for you properly than this tutorial is not going to be for you. If that is the case you can check out this Facebook Review Plugin and see if it is the solution you are looking for.

Facebook Reviews Pro

Facebook Reviews Pro

For me in the early stages of building my business spending a lot of money was not an option so I went for the free option which was to do it myself. So I made this tutorial to show you how you can add your Facebook reviews to your WordPress websites for free.

How To Add Facebook Reviews To Your WordPress Website For Free

Step 1.

Go to your Facebook Business Page and click the on the review on the left hand side of the screen.

Step 2.

Find the Facebook review you would like displayed on your WordPress website.

Step 3.

Right click the down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the review. In those options click embed.

Step 4.

A box of code will pop up. You need to copy that code.

Step 5.

Go to Area on your website and in the area you want that review to be shown paste the code you just copied. (Make sure the text tab in where you paste the code.)

Step 6.

Preview the page to make sure it is showing on the page.

Step 7.

Click publish or Update to save the page

Step 8.

Enjoy all your hard work and view your published page