Snapchat Update: Utilizing Memories for your business

If you use Snapchat and even if you do not you probably have seen that Snapchat has rolled out a new update that adds a feature to allow the sharing of “memories”. Snapchat is now allowing you to post a single snap or a full story of snaps for an unlimited amount of time instead of the snaps fading away immediately. When I first heard about this I said wow this could really be great for a business!

After I played with the feature myself I realized that this could be a free little commercial for a business, specifically a business with a

  • food
  • blog
  • music
  • product
  • restaurant
  • ETC

How To Use Snapchat Memories for Business

Basically, how a business should utilize this feature is by creating a story showcasing products, featured dishes, and new music or behind the scenes etc. the list goes on what you could show. Create that and post it on your story for your customers to see what is on the menu or for sale. I think that this will become something many businesses do and it will help grow customers and show them products and more before other people who are not on Snapchat.

Do not forget to include a text post on where people can find you on other platforms as well and a link to your website. It works like a little story advertisement which is great because it brings awareness and is a free way to showcase your business. So check out the new memories feature on Snapchat and utilize it best for your business.

Let me know what you think and if you think that it will be a good way for businesses to grow via Snapchat.