Color Scheme Have you ever had trouble choosing a color scheme for your website? Calming are usually neutral colors such as; cream beige and brown. The calming colors are usually in places such as coffee shops; while colors like hot pink, neon green, and electric yellow are energetic, these colors are usually implemented in gyms and workout clothing. 92 percent of users said visual factors have an influence on their spending. the bottom line is your color scheme is very important. Research shows people subconsciously make judgments based on color. ( Source: CCICOLOR – Institute for Color Research) Color theory is fairly complex but, here are 3 main points that will help one’s understanding of it.

Vibrancy: Vibrancy or how bright your colors are, greatly affect the aesthetics of your color scheme. Generally you want to use brighter colors to appeal to your audience and give and exudes feelings of energy.

Contrast: The contrast of your color scheme make your website flow better. you can use contrast to separate information, increase readability, and divvy sections of your website. good practices are using bright text on a dark background and vice versa.

Complement: Color complement: refers to colors that  balance each other. these colors help create a visually appealing allure to your color scheme. when choosing complementary colors use colors from the opposite color spectrum. The use of a color wheel will help make this task easier. (see page bottom for color wheel and guide)

Colors are all around us, these three elements are combined to make visually appealing color scheme.

Color WHeel