Web deign importnce meme

Importance of web design

Many companies, brands, and small businesses often find themselves asking the question “does our website look professional ?”. The design of a website is highly important to it’s success. Often times a poorly designed website will deter users from making a purchase or even browsing the website. Web design is the single most important factor to an online presence, over 90% of the time a low quality website will turn users away. The remaining 10% is content or social media related. Web design in my opinion is more important, but these factors work in accord to build a booming online presence.

Common problems with poor web design are:

Small print: Your website text is probably too small. The average standard for text size is 14pt-16pt, the user does not want to strain or squint their eyes while reading the text on your site.

Overly complex web design layouts: Most companies try to make their website overly complex and make all the information jam packed. If the website is hard to use for the visitor they will take the time to figure out how use the site. Simplicity is key.

No navigation helpers, such as a navigation bars: The visitor wants a clear navigation. The easier it is to get to each page the more pages the customers will view. This can be the top navigation bar and internal linking the navigation between pages. Also you need to make it easy to get back to the home page and include a search bar so customers can search for information that may not be found in the typical navigation.

Pop up ads: In 2016, people do not want to be bother by ads. We can’t stress this enough the visitor does not want to be sold to they want to be educated. Now don’t confuse this with pop-ups for free offers or a newsletter opt-in. The pop-ups need to be strategically placed and offer the customer value otherwise they will view it as a sales ad and click off your site.

Page speed: Not everyone is using the fastest internet speeds possible so you don’t want to have the visitor waiting for the pages to load. This is also due to the fact that the world is moving more towards mobile browsing. If someone goes to your site on a mobile devices and takes longer than 11 seconds to load they will not wait and move on. (Average load times are between 2-11secs)

Inappropriate or offensive website name: You don’t want to offend your visitor. Although you may not feel offended the world around you might. You do not want to turn anyone away from your company because they felt you were offensive. People being offended can result in bad reviews and traffic loss to your site.

Boring color scheme: You want your website to stand out without being too overbearing. The colors play a huge role in the design. Colors represent emotions and are a great way to trigger the user’s feelings. So go with colors that standout but make the visitor feel good about your company.

Unresponsive design: As stated in the page speeds, the world is moving towards mobile use. More and more companies are investing into mobile optimization and responsive design. You want your website to load fast and look stunning across any device the user may be using.

The look and feel of your website must be an inviting, pleasurable, and appeal to your target audience. Users will be sure to return to your website if the website is easily viewable and simple to navigate. The appealing design will conveyed the senses of quality and professionalism your company will want to portray.