Internet Marketing That Every Real Estate Agent Needs To Be Doing

There is no magical real estate marketing secrets

First off there is no magical marketing that just works for Realtors. There are hundreds of companies that will try to sell you on that idea but that’s all it is, an idea. They will try to tell you that there are these amazing real estate databases or site you can use that will instantly boost your sales instead of giving you solid online marketing advice.



Real Estate Agent Profiles

Real estate websites now-a-day’s all look the same. There are hundreds of web developers that will tell you that you need a real estate website with an IDX search box so your can capture and make tons of money. That is further from the truth. Our research shows home buyers are going to Zillow, Trulia, and So you should be utilizing those platforms. Instead of throwing money away on some fancy website with IDX solution that most will not bother to take the time to look at you should be utilizing Zillow, Trulia, and since thats where the buyers eyes are now-a-days.


You should be engaging in the message boards and answering questions. That will show your knowledge of the area and will establish trust with prospects. Answer questions for people looking to move into the area and start to build relationships with those prospects.




There is nothing wrong with having a website for your real estate agent profile but it should not look like a carbon copy and should be used to link to all the platforms your apart of so people can find out where you’re interacting online.

Use Social Media Properly

Everyone knows social media can be great for real estate agents but not in the typical way most Realtors use it. Your Facebook page can’t just say “look at this amazing listing I just posted”. People don’t care about that. You should instead be posting thing people actually want to see like beautiful houses. the latest decorating trends and before and after remodels. You can even use your Facebook page photo cover to add a house you are listing and if you have enough photos give a virtual tour.

With that being said you need to post to the proper social media platforms based on your buyers. If you’re targeting seniors, they don’t want to see your marketing messages in the middle of viewing pictures of their family and grandkids.

If you’re looking for relocations you are best to utilize LinkedIn to start talking with employers in your area and last if you are targeting first time buyers you want to go to Pinterest. Post thing that these buyer may want to see in that dream home they’re looking to buy.

realtor ronnie

Realtor Ronnie Ontiveros uses her cover photo to highlight a property for sale.

Stop Spamming your Face Every Chance You Get

Most Realtors make the mistake of blasting their face on every piece of paper they can afford to but that is traditional ways of marketing and it just doesn’t work like it used to so don’t waste money putting your face on calendars,sport schedules and restaurant placemats. This may have work 5+ years ago but the market is changing and you need to change with it. Instead send out market stats that show your knowledge of the real estate market in your area. Send tips on which remodeling returns the most money and what buyers are looking for now-a-day’s. These are great when you are prospecting for sellers!


real estate data

Email Marketing Mistakes

Last but not least e-mail marketing. You should be using an internet marketing database to have free offers, capture leads and set up autoresponder campaigns (not stupid drip campaigns that don’t give any value…but that is a post for another day!)
There is no magical internet that people use to search for homes separate from the “real” internet. If you are not aggressively trying to use internet marketing tactics to get people into your database, you are getting further behind every day!


real estate email marketing
(Source: leadsandleverage)

We Have Barely Scratched The Surface

These are just a few strategies Realtors should be using in 2016 but we have barely scratched the surface. There are hundreds of things Realtors should be doing to stay ahead of the curve. If you would like to setup a strategic internet marketing plan you can contact us for free consultation.