58% Of People Overpay For Web Design Services


There are many advantages to having your business online and up to speed in today’s digital environment. It’s a fact that a business that invests in their digital presence with a well maintained website see can potentially see that investment expand their margins and their business.

Nowadays, access to the internet and the rise of social media has lead to an increasingly competitive marketplace. It can be tough for a business owner to run a website alone. There is good news and bad news. Good news is that there’s no shortage of companies that specialize in creating websites for your business.
The bad news is that, unfortunately, you as a business owner may end up paying an large amount of money for what is equal to a car salesman selling you a lemon. That is to say, a really bad deal. This can be bad news for your online presence as according to netmarketshare.com, Google alone makes up around 67% of the search engine market right now. So while you may have a wonderful website the guy you paid to create it skimmed on utilizing resources such as Data from social media, the company’s geographic location, or even properly make sure it has the ability to stand out in Search Engine results.

For example: Let’s say you have a wonderfully created website for the pizza joint owner in the Midwest, but his business hasn’t really picked up, if anything it’s more or less the same and he’s getting no return for his business. On the outside the site may look like a digital camero but inside the engine is a cardboard cut-out of an engine and party poppers.


47% of consumers automatically discredit a business with a sub-par looking website

On the flip perspective, the CEO doesn’t see a change, but he’s a well known throughout other mediums that it almost doesn’t seem worth to pay for “bells and whistles” and worse perhaps still is that most online users who come across a site they see as a digital living fossil, or otherwise looks cheap, tend to discredit the site or otherwise proceed elsewhere.

Both of these guys will obviously walk away thinking web development is a waste of time and investment, when all they needed to do was be smarter when it came to where they choose to invest their money with. You may ask yourself: How can I know?


What To Look For When Paying For Web Design

An easy way would be to first take a look at the company’s website in question to ask about their services. Their setup alone may be a red-light for you ever doing business with them. A good rule of thumb: If their website tends to be overly technical with the language they use in discussing what they’re offering for your website and business they might not be entirely up to snuff.

If the company comes off as being transparent and communication about the negotiation and process of the web development they’re likely to be more trustworthy. If they offer a range of pricing plans and practical solutions for the digital market, it’s much more likely they’ll be able to deliver on the promise of a tailor-made website.

It can be risky to dip your business into the digital pool, but the benefits it brings to your businesses visibility, and not to mention relevance in today’s market, is only limited by how wisely you spend your time involved with the creation of the site and the service provider.

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