Why SEO Is Still Extremely Important in 2016

Running an effective SEO(search engine optimization) and or PPC (pay-per-click) campaign will mean the difference between a business failing and a business thriving.

SEO-for-business-is-important-in-2016Too many business owners think that people are going to magically find their website online. Unfortunately the internet doesn’t work like that. Especially in towns or cities where they usually have 20+ competitors. Unless you are selling the world on a product or service that is dire to the future of human survival, it is extremely important that you tell people where to find you. Otherwise it is no different than buying a shop in a back alley with no path to the store and no signs to point people in your

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What You Need To Know About SEO

Optimizing websites for search engines started in the late 90s, when search engines started cataloging the web. In the early years it was a simple process of submitting the URL to various search engines. However it quickly became important to have a top search engine ranking position. With Google being the leading and dominating search engine, it is important for your business to be indexed in Google’s search results. The problem is that it is not as close to easy as it was in the late 90s. Search engine competition is highly
competitive. Google changes their search algorithm frequently so strategies that may have worked a couples month ago may no longer be working for you today. So how do you stay relevant in the search engines and drive customers to your business? Well there are 3 ways to get a top ranking position.

1. DIY Search Engine Optimizationdiy-seo-overwhelmed-in-2016

The first way is to immerse your self fully in DIY SEO. You will need to learn as much as possible as quick as possible and implement it for a successful campaign. The problem with that is that is can be a very steep learning curve and will take up most of the time you would normally spend running your actual business. If you already have competition you are giving them time to get devastatingly ahead of you.

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2. Hire New Employeeshiring-bad-seo-employees-in-2016-can-break-your-business

So what is the 2nd way? You can hire an employee to do the SEO for your company. But there is a ton of risk involved that needs to be calculated. The person you hire to do your SEO may not actually know what they’re doing. So say you are paying that employee $40k/year(average SEO employee salary). It takes them a few months to implement your SEO campaign and then it takes you a few more months to find out that employee either “A” didn’t know what they were doing or “B” were not a right fit for your business. So now you have lost the money you were paying to that employee and the time it took to decide he wasn’t the right person for the job. In that time it took to realize it wasn’t working out, your competition now has a solid SEO campaign and a growing online presence.

3. Outsource Your SEOoutsource-your-seo-for-business-in-2016-with-djb-innovation

The third way is to outsource your SEO work to a digital marketing agency or an SEO company. The agency will take over your SEO campaign and free up your time so you can actually focus on running the business. An agency brings not just 1 employee but a team of SEO & marketing professionals. They work closely with you and your business and are there to help you grow. The cost for an agency is substantially lower than the first 2 options. You may need to spend money on learning SEO fundamentals and buy the tools to help you rank in the first option. The second option will cost you an entire salary but a digital marketing agency is 3x cheaper and the good agencies work around your budget. They already know what it takes to create an effective SEO campaign and have processes in place to get your business where it should be without wasting your time. An agency also offers SEO reports, conversion tracking, and a ton of other tools that will show you how well your business is doing online and exactly how much profit you can expect to be make. Are you looking to outsource your SEO? If so, make sure you check out 3 red flags when paying for seo services