How Nike Golf Used an SEO Company to Grow Traffic and Sales by 250%


When you think of Nike you think of this global giant that has its hand in multiple pots from sports and fitness to shoes and apparel. They sponsor some of sports most notable athletes such as Tiger Woods. So it is no surprise that Nike is a household name. Well believe it or not from 2010-2012 Nike Golf was having a bit of trouble connecting and reaching customers online.


What Was Nike’s Problem?


You might be thinking, but they have so much brand awareness they shouldn’t need to bring customers to them; and you would be wrong. The main problem Nike Golf was having is that the core of their site was on a platform that could not be crawled or indexed by search engines. They tried to optimize the meta data, site code, and other technical elements but it still was not enough.

This is why SEO and digital marketing is so important. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a conglomerate. if your website is not optimized for the search engines you will not do well in today’s market.

Nike’s Solution and SEO Growth


 Nike Golf decided to hire an SEO company to find their issues and solve their problem. In the beginning of their SEO campaign their traffic slipped by 17% while they were implementing the new campaign. Once the campaign was implemented they saw a significant growth. From the 2011 to 2012 golf season, the site saw a 250% gain in their traffic for non-branded searches. It is important to point out the increase was from “non-branded” searched. This means that people who were not searching specifically for “Nike Golf” and its related brand were still finding them with other search terms. This traffic let to an increase in the Nike Golf brand as well as an increase in sales.


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