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How To Beat Your Competition at SEO in 2016

When it comes to effectively implementing SEO for your website every company has their own opinions of what works best. What we can all agree on is the old strategies just don’t work anymore. Long gone are the days where you could stuff a webpage full of keywords, gather a few links and BAM! You were fresh out of the starting gate.

You might be going up against celebrities, corporations, influencers, or just someone who has an enormous monthly digital marketing budget. It takes more than just a few keywords and optimized design now a days. So in 2016, how do you compete against your competition with SEO?

How To Beat Your Competition

First, you need to understand why your competition is winning. Why they are dominating the search engines, social media, and gaining email subscribers. The reason is content, your competition has more content and their content is just better. This content is allowing them to rise to the top of the search results, bring in leads, and close sales.

So how do you compete and win over the audience? You need to decide on your topic(focus keyword) and surround that topic with a diverse multitude of quality content. By doing that you are creating what is called a content hub.

What Is a Content Hub?

A content hub is ” a set of content (usually web pages) organized around a specific topic (usually a central page).
So if you want your page to win your audience for a specific topic then you need to surround that central page with relevant content.

If you created low to medium quality blog post that are all saying the same thing then you don’t stand a chance. You need to created a well arranged, and focused hub of diverse content. That content needs to appear in a variety of places and should included collaborated content.

Diverse Quality Content

Diverse content is key!

  • Blog post
  • Video
  • Tutorials
  • Audio
  • Infographics
  • Guides
  • Etc.

Content Collaboration

  • Collaborate with people that are established and trusted with your audience
  • People who already have an audience that can benefit from you
  • Collaborate with influencers

Different Location

  • Publish post on different website mediums
  • Submit articles
  • Conduct or give Interviews
  • Guest post
[slideshare id=33605850&doc=contenthub-140416105030-phpapp02]

How To Create a Content Hub?

Pick a Topic that is relevant to your website and important to the audience you are going after. Think about the problems in that field. What problems your business can solve. Common questions for that topic that you can answer. Remember they should be closely related

Research Your Competition in the search engine. See what results come up for the first page. You can use free external tools like moz bar to examine your competitions authority for those topics.

Win Over The Influencers who are relevant to your topics. Reach out to them via social media and share their content. Engage with them online and contribute to their audience.

Create your Central Hub This will be the center of the content hub Make it your simplest, strongest and most useful piece of content on the topic. Optimize it for the most valuable and competitive keyphrase. Give it a clear call to action.

Support The Hub with Content build your content around the central hub. Put out your diverse content, answer question, create tutorials. Make sure they are all organized and supporting your central hub.

Collaborate with people who are in your network or who you have won over. Interview them. Get them to interview you. Include them in a twitter poll or online survey that will benefit both of you. If you bring a benefit to someone they are more likely to help you and work with you. At the same time make sure they are a benefit for you as well.

Post On Other Website that is relevant for you. Submit articles to online news outlets. There are always reporters looking to interview people that have experience in a field. Ask to do a guest post or even use 3rd party platforms. All will give you the advantage to giving your a variety of locations when it comes to your post.


Why Do Content Hubs Work?

You are giving Google exactly what they want! Ever since the Hummingbird update Google cares more about relevant meanings when it comes to topics. You are changing with Google and they will reward you for it. Not only will you please Google, you will grow your network audience. The more involved you get and the better your content is the more you will target your audience. People want authenticity and they can tell when something is not. The best part is you will bring awareness and attention. The better your content hub the deeper visitors will dig when they are researching a topic from your hub. That allows you to gather leads, close sales, and build relationships.

Remember this takes time. You will not see instant results, SEO and content marketing takes time even if you were to pay the best firm in the world to do it for you. Stick with it and you will see growth in no time. The time is going to pass anyway so you may as well do it or pay a company to do it or you will end up regretting it. Gary Vaynerchuk said it best when he said, “1 is better than none! 1 fan who believes in what you are doing will always grow into more.”

If there is any thing you would like to add leave it in the comments and we will add it to the post. We would love to hear from you,. Thank you for reading!