What You Need to Know When Paying for SEO Services


Before pulling out your wallet and paying for SEO services there are a few things to know. For every legitimate digital marketing agency there are 10 scam companies on the web. These scam companies usually end up ruining the customers outlook on digital marketing. Now that client missed out on getting a positive ROI from all the legit agencies that do great work, because they didn’t research or were lured by the promise of instant results.

There are 3 red flags that you should be cautious of when it comes to picking the company that you are trusting to do your businesses search engine optimization. When you are researching the agencies that you are considering for your website these 3 factors should automatically discredit them.paying-for-seo-red-flags

1. Provides Guarantees
Don’t get me wrong, a company can make guarantees. My digital agency guarantees our clients a positive ROI. What you need to be cautious about is if a company guarantees they will place you in the #1 spot on Google first page results for your keywords. When it comes to search engine optimization there are no 100% guarantees. The company can have the highest rate for placing websites in the #1 spot on Googles first page but there is no guarantee they can do it for your niche. There are a ton of variables when it comes to Google’s algorithm. You can pay the worlds best SEO professional and they can have the best strategies but there is still a 5% chance you will not hit that #1 spot. The competition for the keywords you’re trying to rank for may have that #1 spot on lock. They may be paying more for marketing and SEO which is keeping their site in that #1 spot. They may be a world class brand. There are just too many variables to guarantee you that #1 spot. Don’t be discourage! You don’t need to be in that #1 spot on Google first page. As long as that company gets you onto the first page results you will see more growth than you may be ready to handle.

2. Encourages Link Exchanging
The company your looking to do your SEO should not encourage link exchanging. 10 years ago Google would rank sites higher with the most back-links. Then people start exchanging every type of link imaginable to get better ranks. People started building what is called “Link Farms”(sites filled with thousands of links). So Google changed their ranking factors when it came to back-links. Now When it comes to back-links Google is looking for quality over quantity. The links needs to be relevant to your business and trusted. The more reputable the better.  Link exchanging/farming can get your website penalized and it will be very hard to recover from.

3. Promises instant results
The last red flag that the company you are researching is not legit is they promise instant results. Search engine optimization takes time to show result. In fact it could take up to 30 days before you start to see any results. This is why some marketing companies require their clients commit for a minimum of 3 months when paying for SEO services. Google’s robots and crawlers take time indexing all your websites information. That period when you’re waiting for Google to index you is called “being stuck in the sandbox” It doesn’t matter if the team you hired says they know the CEO of Google and have a close personal relationship with him. That still will not give you instant results. If a company is promising instant results they are probably doing something sketchy or what is referred to as “Black Hat SEO” techniques which could result in Google blacklisting your website permanently or at the very least Google penalizing your website. The best way to speed up your results is to bring a search engine optimization company in from the beginning so they can make sure your project is fully optimized and the correct SEO techniques are being used from the very start.